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Functional Fitness of MMA

This is a group training class brought to you by not only a well educated and experienced strength and conditioning coach but a bad ass successful MMA fighter.

Not only will you develop the strength and conditioning you would need to fight your way out of any situation but you’ll also learn techniques on how to do so along the way.

Though this is a combative sport no participants will be striking one another. However you may earn opportunities to strike the coach!

This will be a 45min group class combining weight training, plyometric conditioning and various martial arts drills to kick your butt into shape as well as learn to protect it when needed.

Participants will have the option to either choose a class where we will supply MMA gloves to be used/bring your own or choose option 2 where you will receive a new pair from us that are yours to keep.

All classes will be taught by Jose Rodriguez who is currently a professional MMA fighter in the region with a combined record of 46-6 in fights that include boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, and MMA. On top of his success he’s also real and has struggled himself with being overweight and out of shape and will share is successes and failures right along with you.