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Brett G. Review and Success Story

24-hour comparison of blood glucose levels between Standard of Care and Jose’s recommendations.

Being a Type 1 Diabetic for the past eighteen years, I have spent the past five neglecting the American Diabetes Association (ADA) “Standard of Care” and working to promote my health and well-being, believing that I had the right to achieve blood glucose control and quality of life as good as the non-diabetic population. After a recommendation from my endocrinologist to work to reduce my weight to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the likelihood of long-term complications to my body from diabetes, I transitioned to a lower carbohydrate diet away from the ADA concept of “carb up, shoot up,” greatly stabilizing my blood glucose and extremely reducing my occurrences of both hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic episodes. Eventually, realizing that health required a level of physical fitness I neither had nor knew how to obtain, I needed the help of an expert. Fortunately, I found Jose with whom I have been training for the past six months.

Jose does not fit the stereotype of a “meathead” or “gym bro” from whom personal training and from which physical conditioning can obtain poor impressions. With degrees in kinesiology and human services as well as his own story of health improvement, Jose provides a total health, nutrition, and lifestyle package specific to the individual client, well beyond just delivering a basic, gym workout. During the first session, he asked for my goals to which my answer was to “promote insulin sensitivity,” most likely a first for him. However, taking that response as well as information about my diet and history working to improve my condition with diabetes and my current, physical state, he presented me with dietary guidelines that fit me and what I had been doing for over four years but would promote good, physical conditioning and improved health. His sessions are planned out prior to my arrival and are dynamic, varying focus between mobility, strength, and cardiovascular improvements. He always assesses my condition when I arrive, ready to change his plans for me for the day if necessary. He is also responsive outside of sessions, sharing research of interest he has found, answering questions regarding health and nutrition, as well as providing motivation for continued success, all specific to me.

In the six months I have worked with Jose, I have gained about 5 pounds, but have lost body fat, and improved both strength and cardiovascular condition. I am consuming significantly more total calories, but have actually reduced my total insulin intake by 20% (and expect further reductions) and have further mitigated my occurrences of hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic episodes, common occurrences when adhering to the ADA “Standard of Care.” The cost of training has easily been offset by a reduction in medical costs due to the reduction in insulin use alone. I am more confident in my ability to destroy the artificial and inappropriate limits placed on me as a diabetic and know that I have more control over my health and well-being than any other time in the past eighteen years.

Instead of falling under a “Standard of Care” intended to keep a population alive and exposing them to a future of undesired complications, my training with Jose is personalized to me, promoting me to succeed. Jose guides and empowers his clients. I can share with him any impact of a training session or advice he provided and he will adjust and optimize future sessions for my benefit. I am confident that continuing to train with Jose and implement his training will mitigate or even completely avoid debilitating complications associated with diabetes, providing me a long, healthy and happy life.

Review Points

Jose is not a meathead
“Jose does not fit the stereotype of a ‘meathead’ or ‘gym bro'”
Training plan tailored to each client
“With degrees in kinesiology and human services as well as his own story of health improvement, Jose provides a total health, nutrition, and lifestyle package specific to the individual client, well beyond just delivering a basic, gym workout.”
Responsive and engaged
“He is also responsive outside of sessions, sharing research of interest he has found”
Empowering success
“Jose guides and empowers his clients.”

Measures of Success

Reduced body fat
Increased strength
Improved cardiovascular condition
Reduced total insulin intake by 20%
Fewer hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic episodes
Reduced medical treatment costs

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